Don’t be so quick to label buyers of this book a cheap date. Keep in mind that Dating for Under a Dollar was published over a decade ago in 1999; adjusting for inflation, a dollar then was equivalent to a whopping $1.34 today. That’s more than enough to buy a candy bar or a small order of fast food fries, which sounds like a nifty date to me! A single dollar isn’t quite equal to the selling price of Blair Tolman’s book, but the extra few dollars would probably be worth it for 299 better frugal dating ideas than mine.

“Dating For Under a Dollar: 301 Ideas” is a book for teenagers, young adults, youth leaders, or anyone looking for creative dates that don’t cost a lot of money. No more evenings of “What do we do now?” This fun and easy-to-read book gives hundreds of ideas that can make a real difference. Those who use these fun and original ideas won’t ever be able to go back to dinner and a movie. You will be given:

* 43 activities for large group dates

* 107 group dates

* 77 single or group dates

* 53 single dates

* 21 holiday dates