This is, unfortunately, not an illustrated coffee table book, but a cleverly titled collection of marketing advice essays. Well done, Philipp Lomboy: you sold us.

This book is a collection of selected articles I’ve written for my weekly marketing newsletter. Initially I was very happy to educate, entertain, and assist my subscribers in private through email. But as a marketer I was well aware that this was keeping me from reaching many of the people that really need this information.

There are many that would prefer to turn pages rather than clicking and scrolling. Ironically, I am one of them, especially when it comes to business books, which I beat up to such a point that I’m glad there’s no ASPCA equivalent for printed materials. Plus, it’s tough clean blue ink and highlighter off your computer screen.

So here it is in all its paperback, water-resistant glory.

While the article selection process was primarily based on my own biases and preferences, some influence came from popular reader response to the original articles. Among the chapters you’ll hear about:

• The “Mormon incident”
• My homegrown WWE wrestling matches
• One of my favorite “dirty” marketing tactics
• Bodybuilders in tutus

And yes, they ALL have something to do with marketing.

*** PRAISE ***

“Don’t let the quirky title for this book fool you into thinking that he takes his craft lightly. Phil’s unique approach turns marketing into a fun experience packed with enormous lessons to completely change your business.”
– Jack Von Bulow DDS
Owner of Temple City Dental Care and Author of Molar Jockey Memoirs

“Bodybuilders in Tutus is more that an excellent read on marketing. When you take action on the advice in this book, I promise you’ll be doing one of the best things you’ve ever done to grow your business.”
– Marshall Sylver
Bestselling Author and Founder of Get Rich Radio

“Philipp has packed in all the essentials: an entertaining approach, sound marketing advice, and specific action steps. It’s a must read for any business.”
– Dennis Buckley DC
Business Consultant and President of The Performance Advantage

“Philipp has an irrepressible talent for finding a marketing angle and for telling a great story. This book has plenty of both.”
– Deano Power
Founder of Byron New Media, New South Wales, Australia

“In each chapter Phil gave me as many laughs as he gave me powerful questions to ask myself and insights to implement.”
– Brandon Middleton
President of Smart Simple Systems

“I’ve added Bodybuilders in Tutus to my permanent bathroom business library and I suggest you do the same.”
–Kris Kiler
Author and President of Leader’s Beacon