Over the years that have gone by you must have heard a number of different tips and trickson how to efficiently charge your smartphone battery and what could potentially cause harm. While some of these tips hint at the truth, a vast majority are simply based on hearsay. Here is a list of some of the most popular smartphone charging myths.

1. Do not charge the smartphone until its battery is fully depleted

As a matter of fact, longer charge times cause batteries to become unstable. It is important to charge the smartphone at the end of each day rather than letting the battery completely die before you charge it. As a rule of thumb, refuse to let it drop below 20 percent. Always bear in mind the fact that a smartphone battery only has a limited number of charge cycles.

Battery damage

2. It is not necessary to switch off the smartphone at all

That is really far from being true. You must turn off your device atleast once every week. This helps to conserve battery and also restore it from time to time.

3. Charging the smartphone overnight destroys the battery

Notice that it is called a smartphone for a good reason; it knows when to charge and when not to. As soon as the charging is complete, the battery is no longer in use. As part of best practice, keep the smartphone charged anywhere between 40 percent and 80 percent.

Battery charging

4. Do not use the smartphone while is is charging

As long as you are not using a third party charger, you may use your smartphone just the way you please. People often narrate an incident whereby the smartphone burst in flames when a user tried to operate it while it was charging. Various reports confirmed that this was almost always the case when there was a third party charger being used.

5. Off brand chargers damage smartphone batteries

Cheap knockoffs are what account for most battery damage cases. Just make sure you are not using knockoffs, and you are good to go. Off brand chargers such as KMS and Belkinare a safe bet, though.